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These are great years - when your kids are KIDS! But they are also very much their own people already - and keeping that in mind can go a long way in helping you figure out what might work for them education-wise. 

I will get more resources and material up here for you, in the meantime I will recommend the following: 

1. Think about 'big picture' kind of things. Read to them, read with them, have them read to you, encourage them to read to themselves. Encourage them to express themselves and explore their worlds. Pay attention to what they are fascinated by and how they might be able to learn ANY subject from that point of view. (For example, do they love to dance? Write about dancing and dancers. Learn about the history of dance. Study muscles and nerves. You can even do math based on dance: if you dance for 45 minutes a day, how many hours will that be in a month? Or perhaps some additional problems involving a dancing centipede?...if he has 100 legs and 54 tap shoes, how many more does he need?)

2. When in doubt, opt for fun.  Anytime they spend enjoying themselves doing ANYTHING with you is a HUGE learning opportunity. Letting fun happen CAN be hard: fatigue and frustration can take their toll on parents and kids. So please practice pausing and try to put yourself in their shoes. Can chores be more fun if you do them together while you have good music on? Can they make up their own board game to learn the life-cycle of a butterfly? 

3. Get out in the world (as the pandemic allows). Spend time with other families and help to foster friendships that seem to be a good fit for your child. Pay attention to how certain friends make your child feel, and how they make YOU feel. There are so many great lessons to be had through these years that naturally present themselves: but they might just feel like challenging situations at the time! This is also my favorite age for field trips - you don’t have to go far. Even exploring the different parks just in your city will expose your child to new things. I AM a big fan of museums of all kinds for field trips, but pick what works for your family: maybe it is sporting events or traveling to visit relatives. Every experience you can share with your child is a learning opportunity for them.

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