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As Simple As Can Be

Homeschooling doesn't have to be complicated. Well. Actually. You are guiding the growth and education of a child, so I suppose that IS complicated. Let me try again.

Choosing your curriculum for homeschooling doesn't have to be complicated.

If you are interested in homeschooling (or unschooling or otherwise doing schooling differently) then you are ALREADY giving thought and attention to the education and growth of your child. That is was really matters: your involvement with your child.

And THAT is what will count in the long run: that YOU are paying close attention to what is going on educationally (and otherwise) with your child and wondering: what is best? Your focus on (and worry about) all aspects of your child's growth is what will help them be happy and successful.

But don't get TOO hung up on what is BEST as far as homeschooling goes. That is partly because the 'best' approach to school is different for every child. And anyway, getting or doing the BEST for your child isn't what makes the difference anyway. What matters is that you are interested, focused, and willing to try things until you find what does work for your child.

So far so simple? If you are looking into what your child might need educationally, you are already doing the perfect thing for them. And if you are doing that NOW, I am confident you will KEEP doing that. And that is how I know your child will be just fine!

Ok, but really, what about curriculum?

Right. You do probably want SOME guidance and organization for your child's educational journey. In general, if you are doing these two things, you are doing 'enough' to start with:

  1. Reading/writing.

  2. Math

Really. Start with just those.

What about for 2nd grade science? Or 9th grade social studies? Or Art? Or Music? Or Phy Ed? Etc. Etc.

You are right again. All those are important.....but maybe not in the way you think. The exact sequence of timing of everything but reading and math does not matter THAT much. At all.

And if you think Art is important - my bet is you will have your child do art. Same for Music, exercise, everything.

So, take a deep breath. Think about reading a book with your 4 year old, or 11 year old, or 16 year old. Think about how math might work for you and your child. Don't try to do anything else just yet. Really. You don't have to have a plan in place for every last thing right now. I promise.

Work on getting Reading/writing and Math into their days first. (It will probably take a few tries to get a routine and material that works WELL for them.) Then think about what else you feel is important to add.

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