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I am excited to put up content that I hope will be helpful to those that are figuring out their own way to do school!

I have added a section to my website: "Curriculum Guidance." I already have waaaay too many ideas to get posted there and not enough time in the world. But I will work to put up as much as I can as fast as I can!

Things like:

- Nurturing the Whole Child, not just academics

- Doing What Works for YOUR family, not some other family

- Viewing everything you try as an Experiment: this takes off a lot of pressure!

- Allowing the STUDENT to have a LOT of say in their own education: giving them choice and allowing them to follow their interests.

I also have a few thoughts regarding different ages groups. My area of expertise is the middle school to high school aged kiddos. That is where you will see the most material from me in the future. I will provide some ideas and links for the younger kids. The NUMBER ONE suggestion I will continually give for the younger ones is to suggest you look into Montessori methods and materials. I am no Montessori expert - but I have taught enough to see the incredible value and deep thought that goes into that approach. I can't say enough good things about it.

Even though what I have provided in this new section to my website is general and 'big picture' sort of ideas, I think you will easily find some strategies or approaches you can implement if you are feeling stuck anywhere right now. Please let me know what you do or don't find helpful! Your direct experiences with your own children and their educational journey is what I need to hear about to better help you and others.

If there is something specific YOU have questions about or would like to see more of FIRST on my website - send me an email ( I read them all! And I am looking forward to put out more useful information and ideas!

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